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Top Reasons Your Parents are Better Off in New Assisted Living near Me than at Home

As a responsible child of your parents, it is your biggest duty to look after them in the best possible manner. So, are you able to take good care of them, including bathing them, serving them meals on time, taking them for a stroll, administering them medicines as per physician’s advice, et cetera? Due to your busy and hectic schedule, you may not be providing all these services to them on time. So, have you ever thought of new assisted living near me for them? The following reasons will clarify why your parents are better off in such a living than at home:

  • Personal Care Needs: Many old people living at home feel embarrassed or ashamed of asking their children about their basic daily needs, such as bathing, getting ready each day, doing their laundry, and toileting. This sense of shame or embarrassment often leads to lots of inconveniences, and in some cases, they get injured or wounded. New assisted living near me provides many personalized care services, such as dressing and grooming assistance, escort assistance, shower help, toileting, eating assistance, housekeeping help, etc. Indeed, it is embarrassing to ask someone for assistance in these types of needs. On the contrary, most people feel awkward and less uncomfortable if an experienced care giving professional provides the services.
  • Health and Diet: Many older people living at home usually eat a lousy diet and pay little attention to physical exercise. This is the result of deteriorating physical condition and aging. On the other hand, many older people scarcely have the energy to cook three or more well-balanced meals every day and do not participate in daily exercises. Almost all the assisted living communities hire nutritional specialists who are trained to make sure that older people are getting well-balanced, healthy meals on a daily basis. Many communities also provide in-house physical therapy service, which maintains a constant vigil on their regular exercise programs to make sure that they are receiving the fundamental exercises that they need to stay healthy.
  • Slipping and Falling Risks: This is one of the most genuine reasons you should relocate your parents to new assisted living near me. It is really disgraceful to see many children wait until their parents get fractured before they relocate them to a living community. Assisted living facilities provide around-the-clock supervision to their residents. This may include safety pendants which, in turn, older people may hang around their necks that they may push anytime, night or day if they need such help. A well-trained trained staff member is only a room away to come to their aid.
  • Aloofness and Depression: Many people living at home feel aloof, neglected from the outside world. This may be caused by losing driving privileges, or sometimes soon after having lost the companionship of a husband or wife or loved one. This may include isolation and, in some cases, serious depression. Moving parents to an assisted living community can be an excellent way of overcoming these feelings. Most assisted living communities present regular social and recreational activities which may help parents develop new relationships, develop new interests, and discover purpose once again in their lives.
  • Medication Supervision: By living in an assisted living residence, parents will be surrounded by skilled nursing personnel who will be overseeing their medication in-takes every day, making sure that they are not just taking their prescription drugs but that they are taking them correctly. Studies demonstrate that less than half of elderly people over the age of 75 actually take their medications according to prescribed suggestions given by a doctor. So, they are living like the elderly in nursing homes, where all the medical facilities are available. 

At Serving Seniors, we provide various types of services to older people—meal preparation, medication reminders, bathing, dressing, grooming, incidental transportation, etc. In addition, we provide companion care, personal care, respite care, and household services.


If you want your parents to live with full care and support, then new assisted living near me is the best option for them. In an assisted living residence, they will get all the facilities that can make their lives stress-free and comfortable. And you need not worry about your parents’ health.